About Us

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Board Chair: Jill Duffy

 Vice-Chair: Jeff Prince

Treasurer: Karen Isbell

Secretary: Becky Gibbons

Parliamentarian: Judge Bob Brady

Past Chair: Angie Story

Standing Seats

Caldwell County Sheriff:

Alan Jones

Lenoir Police Chief:

Brent Phelps

Department of Social Services Director:

Will Wakefield

District Attorney:

Scott Reilly

Caldwell County Schools Superintendent:

Dr. Don Phipps

Caldwell Memorial Hospital Physicians Network:

Dr. John Powell

At-Large Seats

Benett Brittain

Alison Gragg

Roberta Grout-Douglas

Jeff Link

Pat Church

Susan Wooten

Jessica Teeters

Non-Voting Attendees

Granite Falls Police Chief: Chris Jenkins

 Hudson Police Chief: Richard Blevins