The Children’s Advocacy Center of Caldwell County, Inc.—doing business as Robin’s Nest—is a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation that coordinates resources to serve child victims of sexual and severe physical abuse.  We are committed to childhood free of abuse and organize our work in partnership with other local agencies committed to protection of our children.

The name “Robin’s Nest” evokes images of safety, security, and caring — elements that are fundamental to our work.  Staff and local agencies work closely together to coordinate services and transform crisis into healing, hope, and justice for child victims and non-offending family members.  We work with our primary partners – law enforcement, DSS, the  District Attorney’s Office, and mental health – to decrease trauma for child victims of abuse.


  • Our MISSION:  “To pursue justice, provide hope, and promote healing” for the children we serve.
  • Our VISION:  To lead Caldwell County in becoming a haven for children, where there is zero tolerance for abuse and a community spirit that assures young people how much we treasure and will protect their childhood.


Our center aims to reduce further victimization of abused children, ages 0 to 18. When serious abuse is alleged, Robin’s Nest offers forensic interviewing, pediatric medical examinations, ongoing child and family advocacy throughout the legal process, and therapy to speed healing for child victims.  We assist in their healing while we coordinate evidence collection that can positively impact the number of successful prosecutions of offending adults.  We also provide education and awareness sessions to parents and the Caldwell community to increase the likelihood of decreasing the number of child abuse victims.

We believe that a community can be judged by the degree of emphasis it places on the welfare of its children.  “If we don’t stand up for children, we don’t stand for much at all,” according to Marian Wright Edelman, a national leader in children’s rights.  Our Children’s Advocacy Center stands alongside national leaders such as Edelman as we reach out a caring hand to children and their caregivers who are struggling to walk out of crisis into healing and hope.




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